FightA startled bear engaging a hostile harvesting mech.
Legend of ZeldaI`ve never owned a Nintendo, so I haven`t played many Zelda games. But I finished Ocarina of time a while back and I loved it!This fan art is more inspired by Ocarina of time, but I also like the new design for the more recent game that haven`t been released yet, so I kind of mixed the two.Hope you like it.
Pippi LongstockingI really loved this show as a kid and it was always fun to see what exciting adventure Pippi got herself into. And she could do just about anything, from lifting up a horse to riding a bicycle without wheels.
Super boring dayI believe everyone had this experience at least once while they were kids. It is unbearable.
Odd and Luke
LamplighterLamplighters is one among other jobs that no longer exists, (or today it`s a pretty rare job to have.)It basically was an employee of a town who lit streetlights.

Massive Attack – Teardrop
This is a great song. I thought I just share it with you.

(Source: Spotify)

Painted Skull